Enclosures, substations, high masts, and other electricity buildings are infrastructure with a significant role in revenue enhancement and infrastructure asset protection. Expensive equipment inside these infrastructures is often vandalised, stolen, and tampered with, causing damages and losses. Vandalism, theft, illegal connections, tampering, and bypassing of consumption kWh meters contribute to an exceptionally large portion of revenue loss. Apart from non-technical losses causing revenue havoc, lives are in danger when enclosures, substations, and other electrical equipment are dangerously exposed, vandalised, and tampered with. By intelligently protecting, controlling, and monitoring enclosures, substations, buildings, high masts against harsh environmental elements, and implement superior physical security and protection against intrusion, vandalism, tampering, and theft would result in lowering energy usage, operational, and capital cost outflows which are a direct improvement in the balance sheet of the Municipality. These savings (energy, operational & capital) would become available for other applications in the Municipality that will directly stimulate growth and development. Energy cost savings are achieved when undetected, and un-metered electricity connections are eliminated, and when kWh energy consumption smart meters are adequately protected against tampering and vandalism, to serve their true purpose, to measure power consumption, and to bill customers what they owe the Municipality, and collect relevant analytical data. Energy savings can be as much as 30-60% when intelligent infrastructure management is implemented. Municipalities achieve Operational and Capital cost savings when unnecessary replacement and repairs of equipment, including nuisance standby call- outs, inspections, unplanned prolonged electricity blackouts caused by theft, tampering, vandalism, are eliminated, saving and protecting innocent lives. Enclosures, substation/building/ high mast technical and security control, and monitoring infrastructure are public fixtures that incorporate technology, such as IoT sensors, IoT controllers to introduce real-time monitoring and control functionalities. Electrical enclosures, and especially smart enclosures are housing expensive electrical and electronic equipment. Their purposes are to enhance security and safety, protect equipment from unauthorized handling, tampering, vandalism, theft, and the environment, and protect people against equipment from an electric shock and possible explosions). Further to this, miniature substations are there to step down high electricity voltage from primary and secondary substations to lower electricity voltage supplied to homes and businesses in the area through distribution and metering enclosures using lines and cables. Intelligent smart enclosures , substation/building/high mast technical and security control, and monitoring infrastructure can transform the way Municipalities & Utilities manage cities while delivering enormous savings. Tampering, theft, and vandalism can account for nearly 30-50 percent of many cities’ total non-technical losses. Switching from traditional electrical enclosures, substation/building/high mast technical and security control, and monitoring infrastructure to smart infrastructure can help achieve that goal by delivering immediate savings through reduced energy use, eliminating equipment tampering, theft, and vandalism, and saving the lives of innocent people. Installing smart enclosures, substation/building/high mast technical and security control, and monitoring infrastructure can drastically reduce customer complaints as the utility are aware of issues with infrastructure before the public reports it, saving downtime, increasing service delivery, increase revenue by reducing illegal connections, reducing unnecessarily equipment replacements such as meters, circuit breakers, copper bus-bars, wires, etc. An Intelligent Infrastructure Management System (IIMS) related to smart enclosure, substation/building/high mast technical and security infrastructure, is a 24/7 auto intelligent network-based control, monitoring, managing, reporting, and recording solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to infrastructure control, monitoring, and reporting the status and performance with the use of one or more central computing devices. All the important and relevant activities related to the infrastructure are real-time monitored, controlled, reported, and recorded by an analytical customizable client-branded software for optimizing situation planning, response, and debriefing. It acts as an overlay for all security, safety, operations, and management information system features, unifying an operational easy to use command and control GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Control Centre and Field operators. It supports extensive customization capabilities to adapt and change, satisfying operational objectives and constraints. The intelligent infrastructure management system brings energy and cost savings and can shorten the payback period of projects. An infrastructure management system can significantly improve the quality of electricity services, improve public safety, enhance security, and provide a foundation for additional Smart City improvements and Citizen Benefits.



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Intelligently SMART

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Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs of:
Intelligent IoT E-Controller
Monitors & Reports Battery Status
Reports Controller Status every 15min.
Monitors & Reports Phase Activity
Monitor & Report Temp. Status
Reports any open door & abnormal vibrations
Remotely Opens Doors
Reports Power failure
(LoRa) (BLE) (LAN
Auto Commissioning
Over the air firmware upgrades
Open Doors When Everything else fails
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A LEADING Sub-Saharan African ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY SERVICE PROVIDER Reg No.: 2014/115266/07 VAT No.: 4180219174 ECB No.: 22107 ECA No.: SW1498
NHBRC: 3000175688 WCA: 990000300284 CIDB Reg No: 145392 Gradings: 8EP  / 6CE  / 1GB SMART ENCLOSURES FOR A FUTURE READY CITY REPORTS / LOGS •	Controller to Network Server o	RF via Gateway (Primary ) - Star / Mesh o	Ethernet (Back-fall) directly via Fibre Network available (Future Model)   COMMUNICATION •	Between Gateway & Server o	Fibre / Ethernet (Primary ) o	LTE / 4G (Back-fall) directly via public mobile network  	      SYSTEM SECURITY •	Network / Application Server o	Secure Embedded end-to-end encryption 128 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)     •	Controller Status / Health Checks o	Mains Power o	Phase Monitoring o	Battery Back-up o	Operational Temperature o	Communication (RF) o	Auto GEO (GPS) Location (Future)  •	Access Entrance Status o	Authorised Entry o	Unauthorised Entry (Forced Entry)   MONITORING •	Alarm / Alert Status o	Power Failure, Comms. Failure etc.  o	Attempted Theft / Tampering o	Abnormal Movement / Vibrations  CONTROL •	Output Control o	12VDC Output for Solenoids o	12VDC Output for Motors  •	Input Control o	Door Sensors o	Vibration Sensors o	Temperature Sensors   ALARMS / ALERTS ! •	Alarms / Alerts o	Communication Issue Alert o	Battery Back-up Alarm / Alert o	Power Failure Alarm / Alert o	Temperature Alarm / Alert (Future) o	Cable theft / Tampering Alarm o	Sensor Alarm / Alert   ! ! •	Auto Reports / Logs o	Cumulative hours open / close actions o	Auto Maintenance / Job Cards o	Communication Info o	Health Check Status o	Alerts / Alarms   •	User Level of Authority o	4 User Level of Authority as default o	Can be modified as per client request o	User login name & password required o	Access Time period restriction