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Our comprehensive electrical overhead network construction services provide the foundation for low, medium, and high voltage (Up to 132kV), transmission, and distribution systems. Our broad experience working with public utilities, municipalities, and independent developers makes us uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of your transmission or distribution project. We specialize in providing fast, reliable grid connections. SS Trading is always up for a good challenge. Over the years, we have built our expertise and capability through low, medium to high voltage overhead line construction, upgrade, and maintenance projects. Our customers span over industrial and commercial businesses, developers, public utilities, wind farms, and municipalities. We offer project and site management services and manage, monitor, and control projects from the start to the handover. Our proactive project and site managers provide leadership while monitoring and reporting HSE&Q, time, cost, quality and take responsibility for the hiring of equipment and subcontractors. We cover all aspects of civil and electrical requirements on an overhead network project and have a wealth of experience on a wide range of overhead line projects. SS Trading manages many operational and maintenance contracts with unique requirements, which can be because of factors such as operational constraints and security of supply. From overhead network supply and installation to managing the integrity of the system and life cycle, we have extensive experience in providing cost-effective solutions that ensure the reliability of the electrical supply while delivering economies to the site. Our overhead line civil and electrical installation and construction services provide integrated LV (Low Voltage) / MV (Medium Voltage) / HV (High Voltage) electrical installation, from overhead line switchgear equipment, transformers, including stringing, terminations, jointing, testing, and commissioning. Our highly experienced and competent engineering team is highly qualified and trained electrical specialists with experience ranging from 10 to 30 years. We deliver a wide range of services in-house, ensuring cost-effective engineering solutions, and the delivery of an on-time and safe overhead line construction project. Our services include the building of new overhead lines, fit-outs, the refurbishment or extension of existing overhead networks, and general civil engineering. Customer care is at the forefront of our business and shapes the way we plan, deliver and commission our projects. We actively promote collaboration and innovation internally and throughout our supply chain, to reduce client’s overall costs while securing the company’s future. The company enjoys repeat business from our clients, focusing strongly on safety, quality, and customer care.


Overhead Line Installations, Reticulation, Electrification, Repairs and Maintenance Civil Works, and erection of steel structures, and casting of concrete foundations Installation of Equipment Stringing of droppers, and overhead conductors LV, MV, HV Lines: Installation, joining, termination, fault location, testing, and commissioning Infra-red Scanning and hot connection repairs Inspections, maintenance, and repairs Earth Mat, and Structure Earthing, Repairs, Maintenance, Test and installations Diagnostic Tests Overhead Network Monitoring including CCTV
Poles / Pylons : The role of electricity has become more significant in today’s society; electricity distribution has to be reliable and there should be no outages . Furthermore, ageing of networks is an issue that has to be taken into account. Overhead distribution Networks depend on “healthy” poles, and pylons to keep the Network up and running. There are 1000’s of poles, and pylons that need to be managed properly to ensure that the overhead networks are reliable and in tact. Regular inspection and maintenance of light poles, distribution poles, pylons and other infrastructure assets is extremely important. Quarterly to semi-annual inspections are recommended to ensure safety and reliability. Unfortunately criminals more than often cut / vandalise poles / pylons just to get to the equipment installed on them or to steal cable / conductors. Street-light Poles, Distribution Poles / Pylons security monitoring and early warning theft detection are non-existing : Without visibility (Monitoring) of installed infrastructure, criminals operate with impunity over a very long period of time. Criminals are presented with a very large network of unmonitored Poles and Pylons to slowly and methodically drain the organization. Pole / Pylon Theft / vandalism have more negative financial impacts than only replacement costs . Repairs and maintenance also increases because of theft and vandalism. Poles / Pylons patrolling: Poles and Pylons patrols are limited and becomes very costly to ensure it is effectively implemented. Inaccessible Poles: A large number of poles are installed inside the dwellings of customers. These difficult / inaccessible poles for the staff of the Utility is making it easy for the customer to tamper with their installed connection and is making it a nightmare for the Utility to exercise proper control and monitoring over these poles. Maintenance and repairs are also difficult which result that the useful lifespan of the poles is decreased much sooner. Common faults causing POLE / PYLON failures: 3rd party interferences vandalism, theft, tampering, vehicles running into poles etc. People / Service Providers digging close to poles damaging the pole hole foundations These days a lot of other services are also installed next or on top of existing services, during installation existing services can be damaged. Environmental damage – lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornado’s, floods . Poorly installed poles / pylons No preventative maintenance programs to detect early signs of pre-mature failures etc. Natural Ageing of Equipment Poor Quality Products PROTECTION & MONITORING: Our Monitoring & Management Software system focus on Prevention, it is our goal to ensure that possible damages / theft etc. to poles / pylons and other infrastructure equipment are early detected before they actually occur.
overhead network
Intelligent IoT  Combo Sensor Monitors & Reports Battery Status Reports Sensor Status every 8 hours Reports Comms. Failure IoT Technology Different Sensor Sensitivity Levels  Up to 6 Years Battery Life Stand Alone Device Reports any abnormal movements & vibrations  Tracking Device Up to 10km Communication Distance (LoRa)  (GPS) Auto Commissioning Auto GPS Detection +27 11 394 0902
32 Bulman Road Mkondeni Pietermaritzburg 3201
Unit 3 Lot 106 22 Beechgate Crescent South Gate, Industrial Park Umbogintwini,4126
67 Krause Street Oranjesig Bloemfontein 9332
3 Hektaar Str. Middelburg 1050
25 Forge Road Spartan Kempton Park 1619
A LEADING Sub-Saharan African ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY SERVICE PROVIDER Reg No.: 2014/115266/07 VAT No.: 4180219174 ECB No.: 22107 ECA No.: SW1498
NHBRC: 3000175688 WCA: 990000300284 CIDB Reg No: 145392 Gradings: 8EP  / 6CE  / 1GB
Auto Reports / Logs o Auto Maintenance / Repair Job Card o Communication Info (RF,) o Health Status o Alerts / Alarms
Sensor Status o Battery Back-up o Alarm Status o Communication (RF) o Hourly Auto Health Checks o Auto GEO (GPS) Location (Future)
Alarm / Alert Status o Comms. Failure etc. o Attempted Theft / Tampering o Abnormal Movement / Vibrations
Sensor Status Request
Alarms / Alerts o Communication Issue Alert o Battery Back-up Alarm / Alert o Pole / Pylon Theft / Tampering Alarm o Sensor Alarm / Alert
Controller to Network Server o RF via Gateway (Primary ) - Star / Mesh o Ethernet (Back-fall) directly via Fibre Network available (Future Model)
Between Gateway & Server o Fibre / Ethernet (Primary ) o LTE / 4G (Back-fall) directly via public mobile network
Network / Application Server o Secure Embedded end-to-end encryption 128 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
User Level of Authority o 4 User Level of Authority as default o Can be modified as per client request o User login name & password required o Access Time period restriction